PATCH 1.0.1

The first online update is here! Here's some of the changes that have taken place throughout the first few days of Ourox:

- Disabled Distributor
Though the Distributor was a fun addition to Ourox, we felt the conversion of Gold to Gems was both unnecessary and confusing at times. Now, you can directly purchase items from the Shop Keeper with your Gold!
- Reworked Relic Master
The Relic Master felt lack-luster, yet OP if used correctly. Staff has decided that Runes should come in 3 variables, progressing from the weakest Rune to the best.
- Lock price decreased from 375 to 65
- Lock Pick price decreased from 50 to 10
- Teleportation Scroll price decreased from 200 to 35
A very large nerf, indeed. Staff felt it was too expensive to purchase your only defense from thieves, so we made them affordable. Alongside that, we wanted Scrolls to be more universally available, so we nerfed it's price as well.
- Loot Crate chances buffed
Crates were often giving very poor rewards... A little too often. So now, the chance to get better items have been buffed!
- Added Donor Pack
A new way to support the server! For $15 you can get special items and perks.
Check it out here:

PATCH 1.0.0

Ourox is live! After months of planning and developing, the MC Server has finally gone up!

- Added Gold
Gold is the main source of currency on Ourox! Gain Gold by slaying Mobs and selling items, and use it to purchase new ones!
- Added Auctions
Auctions are a great way of selling used items! All players start with 3 Auction Slots that they can use to make all new Auctions at once!
- Added Shop Keeper
The Shop Keeper sells items to use for survival! Most are completely obtainable through normal vanilla game-play, but some items simplify the game!
- Added Pawnbroker
Selling items is as easy as placing them in an inventory now! Place them in and calculate how much Gold you will receive before making the transaction!
- Added Distributor
The Distributor lets you convert Gold into Gems! Gems allow the player to make simple transactions to purchase items from the Shop Keeper!
- Added Relics
Relics as enhancements that can be applied to your weapons and tools! Gain Relics by either slaying mobs or crafting them via Runic Essence!
- Added Relic Master
Use the Relic Master to craft Runes via Runic Essence.

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